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A Review of the 1 x 23.6 Inch Gloss Black Anegre and Maple Chess Board (RCBC100) REGENCY CHESS (CANADA)

The Spanish made 1 x 23.6 Inch Gloss Black Anegre and Maple Chess Board (RCBC100)

The Spanish made 1 x 23.6 Inch Gloss Black Anegre and Maple Chess Board (RCBC100)

I haven’t seen too many reviews online referencing Regency Chess Canada so I thought I’d take the opportunity to do so here. Being Canadian, it was nice to see that luxury chess sets and boards could be purchased from within our national borders.

Admittedly, I was a bit nervous ordering from Regency as their service is for the mostpart unheralded. Their UK mother company has an impressive 4.5 star rating from trustpilot.uk  boasting well over 700 reviews but would their Canadian branch earn that kind of lofty status? I am very happy to announce that at least where I am concerned it certainly did.

I ordered the Spanish made 1 x 23.6 Inch Gloss Black Anegre and Maple Chess Board (RCBC100) last Sunday evening (February 1, 2015) and the board arrived just about 1pm Friday, February 6, 2015. Regency Chess Canada is based in Toronto, Ontario and I live on Vancouver Island so a 5 day delivery schedule was more than satisfactory.

The company did not appear to offer postal tracking other than a notice informing that the package had shipped. I always like to take advantage of postal tracking where available and this is my one and only quibble with Regency Chess Canada.

The chess board arrived packaged exceptionally well with plenty of bubble wrap inside 2 boxes! I was very happy with the care provided the chess board and this fact certainly reflected well on Regency Chess Canada.

Handled With Care

Handled With Care

Lots of Bubble Wrap

Lots of Bubble Wrap

The board is absolutely stunning and shows off my ebony &  boxwood Staunton chessmen to effect. It’s hard to do the board justice with regards to the camera belonging to my cellphone but it is without question the personification of what you might call chess eye-candy.

I had some concerns with regards to the high-gloss finish. I mean, sure it looked great on Regency’s website but would the gloss act as an unwanted distraction? Again, I am very happy to answer in the negative. The gloss finish represents a beautiful fusion of eye-catching design and fundamental playability. My back-up board, a matte finish roll-up green and white squared board can stay safely tucked away.

I married the board to a chess set featuring a 4″ King with a 1 3/4″ base. The board is well suited to the set in my opinion. It is hard to do the actual scale of this board justice. It is BIG!


  • Cost: $275.00 Cdn., before taxes; $310.75 Cdn., total
  • No hidden costs
  • Fast efficient delivery
  • Paypal supported
  • Excellent packaging
  • Excellent quality
  • I would not hesitate to order from Regency Chess Canada again

Product Specifications:

  • Board Dimensions : 23-5/8 x 23-5/8 x 3/8 inches (60cm x 60cm x 1cm)
  • Square Size : 2-3/8 inches (6cm)
  • Item Weight : 8.8 lbs (4.0kg)
  • Materials Used: Stained Anegre, Maple

Regency’s Canadian Website: http://www.regencychess.ca/

* Note: the chess set featured in this review is from a competing company



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