Identify These Silver Screen Actresses

Can you name these actresses? Above is Loretta Young

Hi everyone. There’s this great video on YouTube featuring “The Smiths” classic “Please Please Let Me Get What I Want. It features many actresses from the Silver Screen but the author of the video has never been able to identify them. I made an effort and came up with a few but there’s still plenty of gaps. No doubt, I’ve probably mis-identified a few too. I tried posting to his video channel but unfortunately the list exceeds the allowable character count.

The video can be found here: (sadly it is not available for mobile)

Here’s what I have so far:

Mary Pickford at 0:01
Lillian Gish at 0:03
Gloria Swanson at 0:04
Marlene Dietrich at 0:07
Norma Shearer at 0:08
Ruth Chatterton at 0:10
Jean Harlow at 0:12
Katharine Hepburn at 0:14
Carole Lombard at 0:15
Bette Davis at 0:17
Greta Garbo at 0:19
Barbara Stanwyck at 0:22
Vivien Leigh at 0:23
Greer Garson 0:25
Hedy Lamarr at 0:27
Rita Hayworth at 0:29
Gene Tierney at 0:30
Olivia de Havilland at 0:32
Ingrid Bergman at 0:34
Joan Crawford at 0:36
Ginger Rogers at 0:38
Loretta Young at 0:40
Deborah Kerr 0:42
Judy Garland at 0:44
Ann Baxter 0:46
Lauren Bacall at 0:47
Susan Hayward at 0:49
Ava Gardner at 0:51
Marilyn Monroe at 0:53
Grace Kelly at 0:55
Lana Turner at 0:57
Elizabeth Taylor at 0:59
Kim Novak at 1:01
Audrey Hepburn at 1:03
Dorothy Dandridge at 1:04
Shirley MacLaine at 1:06
Natalie Wood at 1:08
Rita Moreno at 1:10
Janet Leigh at 1:11
Brigitte Bardot at 1:14
Sophia Loren at 1:16
Ann Margret at 1:18
Shirley Jones at 1:20                     [THANKS TRACY] ❤
Raquel Welch at 1:21
Tuedsay Weld at 1:23
Jane Fonda at 1:25
Julie Christie at 1:27
Faye Dunaway at 1:29
Catherine Deneuve at 1:31
Jacqueline Bisset at 1:33            [THANKS TRACY] ❤
Candice Bergen at 1:34
Isabella Rossalini at 1:36
Diane Keaton at 1:38
Goldie Hawn at 1:40
Meryl Streep at 1:42
Susan Sarandon at 1:43
Jessica Lange 1:45                 [THANKS TRACY] ❤

I’d love to fill in the blanks 🙂


Apparently the video with the Smiths is simply a lift from the original found here:

All the actresses are identified but I am pleased by the fact I was able to identify most of them independently with the added benefit of adding the time each actress appears. The original video is actually longer and features a number of more recent ladies to grace the silver screen.

At any rate, I am happy to report the mystery is solved.


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