“Love is Not Easily Offended” 1 Corinthians: 13


Some of you may have been following the story of a Nova Scotia teen recently suspended from his high school for wearing a religious t-shirt. Apparently, some teachers and fellow students found the shirt offensive and that it disparaged other belief systems:

Leading up to the suspension, the school’s principal had repeatedly asked Swinimer to stop sporting the shirt, which he said was dismissive of other students’ beliefs, but the school board said the boy was “defiant.”


The student in question, William Swinimer, apparently acted in an over-zealous manner and is accused of proselytizing other members of the student body. Ok, fair enough. But as a trans-woman, and as a self-professed, Christian I am uniquely positioned to offend pretty much everybody on some level and therefore can understand something of both sides of this debate.

So, at the risk of citing an oft-recited mantra I urge everyone to—“show a little tolerance here”.

As a member of the GLBT (sort the letters as necessary) community, I think it’s important that we extend tolerance towards others who may hold different and even offensive beliefs to our own. Basically, I urge us to show the same tolerance to our critics as we demand of them. it’s only fair, after-all.

As to the shirt in question—kind of clever really, it takes a wry shot at drug abuse while simultaneously launching an appeal to Christianity. So lets take a page from the Christians’ own book and live up to a noble truth located therein, “Love is not easily offended.”


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