WarBirds: The Story so far…

Warbirds: The Story so far... Since I’ve heralded the news that I will be ceasing the repetitive drudgery that has denoted so much of my  occupational life, I thought I’d let those of you out-of-the-loop know that once upon a time I did in fact  write a book.

WarBirds: The Story so far… was published in 1999 by Burbank Books. It focused on a popular flight-  simulator that represented the Internet’s first Massively Multi-player Online Game (mmog).

It was a remarkable achievement insomuch that my editor was located in South Africa. My co-writer and  publisher were based in Australia, and I was living in Canada. The book is well over 500 pages and  represented a couple of years labor during which I interviewed members of the “WarBirds” community, the game’s developers, real WWII pilots and gathered information on the many squadrons that made up the game. I also wrote about the game’s development history and the gaming conventions that constituted a major source of fun and barely fit-to-print shenanigans.

The book and its inspiration were hardcore testimonials to the male sex and represents one of the most testosterone laden chapters of my life. There exist pictures of a very grizzled and vastly over-weight me surrounded by pints of beer, “stogie” in hand and ubiquitous “WarBirds”  ball-cap yelling up a storm amidst my aviation loving peers in various locations of the good ol’ US of A. I refer to this period as “The longest cocktail party” because it sure seemed it.

At any rate, I was pleased to see that a copy of the book is located with the National Library of Australia and that numerous citations regarding the book exist including one at wired.com. The British gaming magazine “Edge” also reviewed the book quite favorably stating that it represented: “crucial reading for anyone attempting to understand the dynamics of building an online gaming community.”

Not bad for a first effort if I do say so myself.



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9 responses to “WarBirds: The Story so far…

  1. Bruce Horn

    I guess I need my autographed copy resigned – great to see you again!!

    • Lol! Great to hear from you! I made a new post prompted by you and the other guys contacting me. Check it out and send me your email address when you get a chance.

      Much respect and affection, old friend…


  2. Sean

    Baysavantane Baaawmer!

  3. john babarovich

    You could say hello once in a while. Thought of you when I was watching “Midway”, or what we liked to call “Tom Selleck and the Isle of Sweaty Men”.. 🙂

  4. Jay 'JT' Taylor

    Sorry for the WAAAAY out of date reply……just “found” you again, my old friend, and want to say hi!! Stay in touch girl friend!! JT

  5. Hi Rachel!
    Do you know where its possoble to buy the book?
    I tride to find it everywhere without success…

    Best / Michael

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